Banking and Financial Services

We help address legal, regulatory, and compliance issues.

We can help you chart clear and safer paths in the rapidly evolving financial services sector.


Media and Telecommunications

Media and telecommunications are the drivers of the new economy. 

We are highly skilled in navigating this specialised, technical and rapidly evolving areas of the law including amongst others a clear understanding of intellectual property, privacy rights, regulatory and administrative practices. These are areas in which we have solid competencies.


Aviation is a key sector in Nigeria requiring continued and better focused development. Its requirements include better funding, clearer policies and guidelines.

Oyagbola Chambers can help structure both traditional and innovative funding including wet leases and advice on access to the capital market.



Maritime trade is the artery of the nation, bringing and taking away goods. We cover all areas of maritime practice including carriage of goods, the charter of ships and insurance.

Trade and Industry

The goal of every Nigerian government has been to industrialise and to provide easier access to the market both local and international. For this reason the government has set up several bodies that provide access to the market place. Agencies such as Nigerian Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC), Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) etc.

We advise and guide businesses on access and facilitate ease of access to the Nigerian market.


Energy and Minerals

Energy is perhaps the area of greatest need for the development of Nigeria. It has been said that the nation needs a minimum of 100 gigawatts to realise its full potential.

Oyagbola Chambers supports all aspects of the growth and development of energy production, transmission and distribution. We are also active in the emerging solid minerals field.

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